Tuesday, June 26, 2018

selected works by my students using Virtual Reality

Works from Special Topics in Media Design 1 [sculpting and painting in virtual reality]

 Cyanotype print made from selected 2D views of a 3D environment made in VR [Gravity Sketch].

A digital print of a 3D painting in TiltBrush. 

A digital print of a 3D panting made within Quill. 


A painted 3D print made on the Formlabs 2 resin printer of a character designed in TiltBrush and then sculpted in Kodon.

A game made in Advanced Programing with Game Design and Development

This is an example of a hack and slash made for VR and the HTC Vive within Unity.  This was a collaborative project with the art assets being produced by students from Interactive Media and the game design and programming executed by students in my class.

YouTube link to video documentation