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new music from vav & the downcycled robots

come on a ride with me, a spacey visualizer for the newest demo track from vav & the downcyled robots, working title is : 1111=42+1/365 i record segments live (dawless) with a small recorder and then import and cut up the files to build my trax on this track is the PO-12 Rhythm, IK multimedia's Uno synth, Volca nuBass, Division 6 business card synthesizer, 2 beatsteps, and a Volca Modular for the squeals / squelches / drones. Plus some Korg littlebits 'modular' synth in the intro/outro. -- if you like our music look for us on youtube music, spotify, apple music and wherever you stream... vav & the downcycled robots YouTube Topic vav & the downcycled robots on Spotify vav & the downcycled robots on Apple Music vav on soundcloud

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More Examples of Work by my Students

Examples of works by my Students

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