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spacewave experiment 1228 #modular #noisewave #synthwave

        the robots and i ended up doing one more gig before New Years. We decided to zoom on up to the industrial compound on Bennu when we heard their call for assistance early yesterday as the station's structural integrity began to fail. When we arrived, our scans showed that the asteroid had been mined to the point of collapse and the station's field wasn't able to hold it together much longer. We worked with the locals, ferrying workers and their personal possessions to the nearest safe harbor on Demos; where some of our friends helped them find temporary places to stay and locate loved ones.    Bennu's collapse was but another example of a small group of greedy scum sacrificing others to maximize their profits. We were there early enough and were able to gather a few other independent ships to join the rescue efforts that evacuation was finished with enough time for the bots and I to play one song. We just couldn't pass up a chance to record in

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